Friday, 3 February 2012

Ch131 Alternative 3 - TVDuck

TVDuck is one of the better sites like ch131...or so I first. I actually like the layout here, it is much better than the previous two TV Streaming sites that I have looked at.

At TVduck you are able to search for TV Shows by the way of a search bar and by using an alphabetical link system.

They also have a most popular series section that runs like ch131 does. After you select the show you are wanting to watch, all of the episodes are laid out in chronological order according to series and episodes.

So good so far...

Then I realize that the site actually has no valid links...none that I could find anyway, and all links lead to stupid offers and software downloads etc...oh well..on to the next one..

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ch131 Alternative 2 - Alluc Dot Org

Continuing on with my sites like ch131 list we have This site has been around for ages...and is apparently immune to the fate that has struck many a free tv show site.

Alluc is a bit of a where near as bad as movie2k however--but not as good as channel 131 either.

Also...Alluc dot org is a complete fail to watch TV shows online. I did my trust search for breaking bad and it turned up nothing..nudda..zilch..not a thing.

Except a "sponsered link".

More over, when this site does come up with some links for a show they are all over the place and really weird. For example, when looking for Dexter it turns up this:

I don't why it is so hard for them to just categorize things simply like ch131..the site might not look great but at least it is functional.

Needless to say. I am scraping this one from the list.

Next up...TVDuck

Ch131 Alternative 1 - Movie2k

Ok so the first post about sites like ch131 I'll be doing will be focusing on a fairly popular website called movie2k.

Like most free TV shows and Movie Sites, movie2k has changed its domain name extension around 400 times.

It can now be found at either the .to or the .asia

Admittedly I was at first not very impressed with the ch131 layout thinking it something from the 90's that someone had made in notepad.

But I came to enjoy channel 131's simple navigation, the fact that it uploads shows as soon as they air on normal television and that it hosts the shows itself...strange they haven't been shut down...

But speaking of being shut down. Ch131 is always going offline and this is why I am starting a blog of worthy alternatives..

My verdict of is not a worthy substitute for ch 131.

The site is rather a clutter for one, here is a screenshot:

As you can see, they have got plenty of social button likes and according to google insights for search the site is still extremely popular.

Which has me scratching my head and asking why??? There are plenty of better site.

For an example of how annoying the site is...I challenge you to do a search for Breaking Bad and attempt to watch season 3 episode 4...good luck.

After you have finally figured out how the darn thing works. You will have realized that there are in links to the episode, and that goes for a lot of other popular shows as well.

So I think its back to ch131 for me...

The search continues